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Native American Graduate Honoring Ceremony

West River Nursing held a Native American Graduation Honoring Ceremony on December 9 at the new location on Mt. Rushmore Rd.

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Wicozani Otipi – a place of wellness and wholeness


SDSU College of Nursing in Rapid City strives to maintain a permanent and prominent Native American presence that incorporates and supports the success of future Native nurses and leaders through recruitment, encouragement, mentoring, service, and the fostering of community. Wicozani Otipi was established to support incoming and current students in navigating the college experience and to create a sense of belonging.

Like a “home away from home”, students can utilize Wicozani Otipi as a home base from which they can integrate into the larger university community yet be able to retain their cultural independence. Programs and socials are hosted regularly and the doors are open as a place to study, socialize, eat lunch, or to simply relax.

Core Values of Wicozani Otipi:

  1. Nurturing individual and community wholeness through collaboration, family, kinship, mentoring and spirituality.
  2. Sustaining cultural connection for students by providing educational, social and spiritual activities.
  3. Promoting understanding and appreciation of diversity.

Semester V students travel to Little Wound Schools

Twenty-seven semester five students, Deb Banik, Rebecca Leslie, Bev Warne, Robin PetersonLund and LeAnn Lamb provided 2 days of  elementary health screenings and high school and middle school nursing as a career presentations on October 17th and 18th to Little Wound Schools.

Regional Health, Walmart and Wokunze Wicaske Alliance donated items such as hand sanitizers and blankets for each student.