Students/staff travel to Rapid City

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Student Services Director, Todd Stricherz, Student Services Senior Secretary, Sherry Asper, and Advisor, Ben Moyer attended the scholarship banquet at SDSU West River Nursing this past week. Swedish exchange students, Isabell Ohtonen and Linda Enfridsson, also went to Rapid. They made some stops at some of the major western South Dakota attractions, and Ohtonen and Enfridsson had the opportunity to connect with one of the recipients of the Shirley Rapp Lingo International Studies Scholarship in Nursing, Danielle Brady.  Brady and Ohtonen had met previously when Brady went to Sweden last summer as part of the exchange program between the School of Health Sciences at the University of Jönköping, and the College of Nursing


Summer Study Abroad Opportunities

The College of Nursing is excited to announce that we have two study abroad opportunities for Summer 2017!

  • May 7-21 – Ghana: Healthcare in Ghana, West Africa will provide Nursing and Health Science students with an academic experience that exposes students to the healthcare delivery system and factors influencing health and healthcare in Ghana. Students will have multiple visits to Sanford clinics in Ghana in both urban and rural areas. Students will have opportunities to interact with the residents of communities and have the opportunity to identify cultural practices, learn about medicinal plants and the process of creating traditional drugs. Students will experience the food and spend time in villages where cloth and cocoa production take place. Students will visit significant landmarks including slave castles, a wild game park, a rainforest
    and a monkey sanctuary to better understand these influences on the people in these regions of Ghana. Students will register for this course for spring 2017 and the travel component will take place in the summer
  • May 8-June 11 – Sweden: The School of Health Sciences at the University of Jönköping, and South Dakota State University, College of Nursing announce the academic opportunity to study abroad.  The purpose of the endeavor is to promote an environment conducive to the international sharing of ideas, discussions, learning practices and joint programs to facilitate a spirit of unity, a sense of cooperative responsibility and tangible experiences that will have an effect upon the nurse and client.

For more information, interested students should talk to their advisor or contact Nursing Student Services.

Meet the Newest College of Nursing Advisor, Ben

Ben with new Associate Dean of Research, Katherine Reeder.

I grew up in a small town, Slatington, Pennsylvania, population of about 5,000 (Yes, that is considered small in eastern PA). During my high school years I enjoyed the career development process and visiting with my school counselor to discuss opportunities after high school and that is when I realized I want to work as school counselor. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Psychology at Kutztown University and continued with my Master of Education degree in School Counseling and Student Affairs degree from Bloomsburg University both state universities in PA. I then worked Bloomsburg University working with a grant funded program and assisted students who were on academic probation. Most recently I worked at Harrisburg Community College as an Adult Education Pathways Advisor, I primarily assisted non-traditional students adjust to college and led workshops related to specific areas of opportunity including time management, technology, study habits and planning, and career development. Finally I also assisted in recruitment and scheduling students for appropriate classes. I enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking, cooking, and watching movies/TV (mostly comedy, suspense/investigative). I look forward to getting to know my advisees utilizing a holistic advising approach which emphasizes getting to know the “whole student”: past experiences, current life choices, and what future dreams are on the horizon. My goal is to see every student find a career they are passionate about and assist the student to make the academic and personal journey to a successful career utilizing all resources necessary.

#1 Piece of Advice for Students: Every student that has taken advantage of tutoring services/supplemental instruction has benefited in some way throughout my experiences. I recommend looking up and committing to tutoring hours for two classes which the student believes they are most likely to need assistance going into the semester, then adjusting accordingly.

What I Wish I Knew as an Undergrad: I wish I knew how to manage my money/take out minimum “extra money” from student loan companies to lessen my repayment bill.

Ask Me About: Time Management, Stress Management, Personal Wellness, Mindfulness, Career Connections, and Budgeting.

Nursing students travel to Sweden

South Dakota State University nursing students Kelsey Tatge and Megan Kennedy, from the Brookings campus, and Danielle Brady, from the Rapid City campus, received the Shirley Rapp Lingo International Studies Scholarship in Nursing to partially offset the cost of their month long study at Jonkoping University in Jonkoping, Sweden.

The students left May 5, immediately after their spring classes ended at SDSU.

Tatge, of Chaska, Minnesota, is a 2012 graduate of Chaska High School and the daughter of Kevin and Deborah Tatge of Chaska. At SDSU, the senior-to-be has been involved in Colleges Against Cancer, Relay for Life, Nursing Students Association and Student Sustainability Council.

Kennedy, of Plymouth, Minn., is a 2013 graduate of Armstrong High School, Plymouth, and the daughter of J.B. and Colleen Kennedy of Plymouth. She will be a senior in the fall.

Brady, of Virginia Beach, Virginia, is a 2013 graduate of Frank W. Cox High School and the daughter of Kimberly Christian, of Venice, Florida. She will be a junior in the fall.

“While attending a class on children’s healthcare issues in an international perspective, it was very eye opening to learn about the differences in health care around the world first hand. We were able to take a tour of the towns hospital in Jonkoping Sweden. It was very interesting to learn about how they are operated, and to see the differences and similarities to what I have learned and experienced while in nursing school,” said Kennedy.