from Community Guide

The Community Guide website has been reinvented! The enhanced website is a knowledge management system designed to help you identify, select, and implement credible, evidence-based strategies. The new site provides a dynamic, interactive, and individualized experience.


The website includes dynamic content that changes regularly to reflect new information and current trends. The search engine makes it easier to find the information you want by letting you narrow results using filters.


Two new features will help you use The Community Guide.

  • Compare two Community Preventive Services Task Force findings using the interactive comparison tool. You select and weigh the importance of certain characteristics, such as setting or target audience, and the system rates how well the review fits your needs.
  • myGuide is a wizard that helps decision makers, students, practitioners, and other public health audiences find credible public health content that is relevant to their individual areas of interests and communities. myGuide leads you to information by asking what you are looking to accomplish and which activities you want to perform.


The new knowledge management system allows you to set up a user profile. This allows you to save search strategies and results, and bookmark your favorite pages. The system will also learn your preferences over time and offer suggestions for reviews, tools, and resources that may be of interest.

We hope you will visit the site yourself and spread the word. And be sure to follow the Community Preventative Service Task Force on Twitter @CPSTF!

If you share information about the new site with others, please e-mail Krista Hopkins Cole ( with audience information (e.g., who, approximate size), and if possible, a copy of or a link to your communication materials. Such information is helpful for evaluation purposes.

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