Summer Study Abroad Opportunities

The College of Nursing is excited to announce that we have two study abroad opportunities for Summer 2017!

  • May 7-21 – Ghana: Healthcare in Ghana, West Africa will provide Nursing and Health Science students with an academic experience that exposes students to the healthcare delivery system and factors influencing health and healthcare in Ghana. Students will have multiple visits to Sanford clinics in Ghana in both urban and rural areas. Students will have opportunities to interact with the residents of communities and have the opportunity to identify cultural practices, learn about medicinal plants and the process of creating traditional drugs. Students will experience the food and spend time in villages where cloth and cocoa production take place. Students will visit significant landmarks including slave castles, a wild game park, a rainforest
    and a monkey sanctuary to better understand these influences on the people in these regions of Ghana. Students will register for this course for spring 2017 and the travel component will take place in the summer
  • May 8-June 11 – Sweden: The School of Health Sciences at the University of Jönköping, and South Dakota State University, College of Nursing announce the academic opportunity to study abroad.  The purpose of the endeavor is to promote an environment conducive to the international sharing of ideas, discussions, learning practices and joint programs to facilitate a spirit of unity, a sense of cooperative responsibility and tangible experiences that will have an effect upon the nurse and client.

For more information, interested students should talk to their advisor or contact Nursing Student Services.

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