Pravecek receives PCORI scholarship

Brandi Pravecek, Post-Masters to DNP student, received a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) scholarship. The scholarship covers registration, hotel, travel, and a stipend for meals and other incidentals not provided during the 2016 Annual Meeting. The PCORI Annual Meeting is taking place in November in the greater Washington, D.C.


We began funding research in December 2012 and have a sizeable and growing portfolio of projects designed to improve patient care and outcomes through patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research, or CER. The research we fund is guided by our five National Priorities for Research and Research Agenda. The work under these priorities is managed by our scientific programs, which track it and evaluate its effectiveness.

We are also charged with developing and improving the science and methods of CER because methods matter when it comes to producing valid, trustworthy, and useful information that will lead to better healthcare decisions and, ultimately, to improved patient outcomes. Our Methodology Committee oversees our work on methods.

Our strong emphasis on engaging patients and the broader healthcare community in all our work is evident in the criteria we have developed for the research we fund. We also provide awards to encourage engagement of patients and other stakeholders in CER.  For example, our Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards program encourages patients and other stakeholders to become integral members of the research process and provides a platform to expand the role of all stakeholders in research. And our Pipeline to Proposal Awards initiative provides seed money to encourage patients and other stakeholders to partner with researchers to study the issues that are most critical to them.

Posted: September 10, 2014

More information about the annual meeting can be found here:

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