Meet the Newest College of Nursing Advisor, Ben

Ben with new Associate Dean of Research, Katherine Reeder.

I grew up in a small town, Slatington, Pennsylvania, population of about 5,000 (Yes, that is considered small in eastern PA). During my high school years I enjoyed the career development process and visiting with my school counselor to discuss opportunities after high school and that is when I realized I want to work as school counselor. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Psychology at Kutztown University and continued with my Master of Education degree in School Counseling and Student Affairs degree from Bloomsburg University both state universities in PA. I then worked Bloomsburg University working with a grant funded program and assisted students who were on academic probation. Most recently I worked at Harrisburg Community College as an Adult Education Pathways Advisor, I primarily assisted non-traditional students adjust to college and led workshops related to specific areas of opportunity including time management, technology, study habits and planning, and career development. Finally I also assisted in recruitment and scheduling students for appropriate classes. I enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking, cooking, and watching movies/TV (mostly comedy, suspense/investigative). I look forward to getting to know my advisees utilizing a holistic advising approach which emphasizes getting to know the “whole student”: past experiences, current life choices, and what future dreams are on the horizon. My goal is to see every student find a career they are passionate about and assist the student to make the academic and personal journey to a successful career utilizing all resources necessary.

#1 Piece of Advice for Students: Every student that has taken advantage of tutoring services/supplemental instruction has benefited in some way throughout my experiences. I recommend looking up and committing to tutoring hours for two classes which the student believes they are most likely to need assistance going into the semester, then adjusting accordingly.

What I Wish I Knew as an Undergrad: I wish I knew how to manage my money/take out minimum “extra money” from student loan companies to lessen my repayment bill.

Ask Me About: Time Management, Stress Management, Personal Wellness, Mindfulness, Career Connections, and Budgeting.

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