Students travel to Sweden

Five College of Nursing students traveled to Jönköping, Sweden to study abroad at the University of Jönköping during the summer 2015 semester through an opportunity provided by the School of Health Sciences at the University of Jönköping, and South Dakota State University, College of Nursing.

The purpose of the study abroad opportunity, offered each summer, is to promote an environment conducive to the international sharing of ideas, discussions, learning practices and joint programs to facilitate a spirit of unity, a sense of cooperative responsibility and tangible experiences that will have an effect upon the nurse and client.

Sarah Tow was among the students that traveled to Sweden during the summer 2015 semester. Tow stated, “Cultural awareness is the biggest thing I learned on this trip. Our class was comprised of about 25 other students and faculty from Austria, Germany, Sweden, the United States, Bosnia, and Vietnam. Each lecture focused on different aspects of health care and how health care is handled in other countries with patient care, the hospital setting, and payment for services.”

Students have time to travel on weekends during their down time. Tow had the opportunity to travel to 10 different countries, after her time in Sweden came to a close.

Moriah Ruthford, another student that traveled to Sweden during the summer 2015 semester said, “This experience will help so much in my nursing career because I already feel more confident working with patients of different cultural backgrounds, languages, and fears from my short time abroad.”

Nursing students interested in applying for the summer 2016 trip, scheduled for May 9 to June 12, 2016, must submit their application by January 25. For more information see here.

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