Direct Admit Reception


A group of Direct Admit students admitted to SDSU for the fall 2015 semester attended a reception in their honor on November 3 in Brookings. The Direct Admit program guarantees admission into the nursing major, prior to the competitive application process, for students who meet specific pre-established criteria. More information about the Direct Admit program can be found here.

At the reception, 2014 Goodale Scholarship award recipient Karissa was presented with a medallion from Gene and JoAnn Goodale. The Goodale Scholarship recognizes the accomplishments of a student who is a successful nursing scholar with leadership skills and a vision for the future of nursing. The recipient must demonstrate engagement in service work or community projects and convey a  willingness to advance the profession of nursing.

The Goodale Scholarship is made possible through the generous contribution of Gene and JoAnn (Olson) Goodale. It is intended for a student, in their last year of study, working toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Master of Science in Nursing, a Doctor of Nursing Practice, or a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing. Each year a recipient is selected to win the $4,000 scholarship.

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