Warne receives Spirit of Dakota award

SofD - Winner Banquet Pic)

Bev Warne, College of Nursing Adjunct Instructor received the 2018 Spirit of Dakota Award last weekend in Huron.

The Spirit of Dakota Award is an annual honor bestowed each fall by the Spirit of Dakota Award Society at a state-wide event at the Crossroads Hotel & Huron Event Center. The Spirit of Dakota award is given to:

  • An outstanding South Dakota woman who has demonstrated leadership qualities and has been successful and admired in her community and state.
  • A woman with roots deep in Dakota whose courage and strength of character have helped develop her family and community.
  • A woman who has represented social, cultural, and education advancement for others.
  • This award is not Mother of the Year, nor Teacher of the Year, nor categorized but rather a recognition of those outstanding women who have been the symbols of all that we are proud of in our Prairie Women.
  • The nominee does not need to be a native of South Dakota, but must be a current, living resident of the state.

Read more about Bev on the Huron Daily Plainsman site.


#MeetSDStateNursing – What it’s like to participate in the White Coat Ceremony

McGrann, MichaelaA nursing student answers questions about what her White Coat Ceremony was like.

Michaela McGrann

Semester: One

Program: Accelerated BSN (Sioux Falls site)

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

The White Coat welcomes nursing students to the beginning of their professional career and the first semester in the professional nursing major. During the first semester of the nursing major, students begin to provide care to patients. Nurses are privileged to participate in many intimate moments in patients’ lives. This privilege brings new levels of responsibility for the nursing student. The White Coat is symbolic of the professional standards that will be upheld by the nursing student. As the nursing student is cloaked in the White Coat, he or she is welcomed to the larger nursing community and profession of nursing.

When does the White Coat Ceremony take place?

The College of Nursing White Coat Ceremony at South Dakota State University occurs early in the student’s first semester in the professional nursing program. It is held that semester to emphasize the change from student to professional nurse. It is at that point that patient care really begins. Ceremonies are held in Aberdeen, Brookings, Rapid City and Sioux Falls.

What was the atmosphere like at the White Coat Ceremony? Are families invited?

You could tell that the faculty and attendees were elated and proud. The students were ecstatic for the ceremony and for the opportunity to see their guests who traveled near and far to see this event. Students could invite family or friends.

What happens at the White Coat Ceremony?

The ceremony started with a welcoming address by the Assistant Dean, Dr. Horsley, and a keynote address by Instructor and Simulation Site Coordinator, Alyssa Zweifel. The rest of the ceremony consisted of the Presentation of Coats. the recitation of the Professional Nursing Pledge and closing statements. Lastly, there was a reception outside of the hall for students, guests and faculty.

What does the White Coat symbolize to you?

The white coat represents the beginning of a long, life journey. It is the potential and responsibility we have to grow professionally and personally during that journey. The coat also symbolizes our joining the family of SDSU nursing and our futures together in healthcare.

Do you have any tips or advice about the ceremony?

Pay attention because everything said will guide you through the nursing program and into your career as an accomplished professional. Also, students should watch their step when receiving their revered coats. Their families, friends, and teachers are all watching closely.

Healthcare Simulation Week 2018

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The College of Nursing participated in Healthcare Simulation Week for the first time at all four sites: Aberdeen, Brookings, Rapid City and Sioux Falls. In Brookings, Associate Professor, Paula Carson traveled around campus with Abby, encouraging students, staff, visitors and faculty to take selfies using the hashtag #MeetAbbyatSDSU.


#MeetSDStateNursing – Meet Dominick Weber

Nursing Image.jpgMeet Dominick! Dominick is a third semester student at the Brookings main campus. He is in the Standard Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Dominick came to SDSU from Canistota, SD.

Dominick’s desire to be a nurse stems from wanting to help people. He said, “The positive effect that a nurse can have is a very rewarding feeling.”

Dominick is involved in Students’ Association, Honors College, Honors Dean’s Student Advisory Council and Honors Recruitment Team. He is also a Nursing Student Ambassador.

In the future, he hopes to continue his education and obtain a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree (Family Nurse Practitioner).

Dominick encourages fellow students to, “Work hard, study often, but don’t forget to slow down once in a while and enjoy yourself.”


#MeetSDStateNursing – Joe Gomez


Meet Joe! Joe is a fourth semester nursing student at the Aberdeen site. He is in the 12 month Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. The program is for students who already have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree. Joe got his bachelor’s at Northern State University in Aberdeen and applied to the accelerated program after graduation.  He is originally from Graham, WA.

Joe’s desire to be a nurse starts with wanting to leave a positive impact on people by helping them work through whatever adversity they’re facing. He strives to provide the best care possible for patients and their families, and enjoys working with people of all different backgrounds. He is excited for the challenges presented by working daily as a nurse.

Joe is the community service officer of the National Student Nurses’ Association. He is also a volunteer assistant coach for the Northern State University wrestling team. Joe was a 3-time All-American wrestler for Northern State while completing his Bachelor’s.

In the future he hopes to work in Intensive Care and gain experience in the ER. “With that experience under my belt, I really think it’d be awesome to try working on a flight team,” said Joe. His ultimate goal is to return to school in pursuit of a Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice and to practice anesthesia in rural South Dakota.

Joe encourages fellow students to, “Enjoy each day as it comes and be excited to learn and sharpen your nursing skills whenever possible!”


#MeetSDStateNursing – Emily Beal


Meet Emily! Emily is a third semester nursing student at the Brookings main campus. She is in the Standard Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

After a diagnosis with bilateral breast cancer in the fall of 2014, Emily came in contact with some amazing nurses who had a positive impact on her life and inspired her. Emily said “Even though it was the worst time in my life, I look back on my chemo and radiation days fondly because I remember all of the nurses that made those days comfortable and even fun.” Emily went into remission in 2015 and felt called to the field of nursing ever since. She hopes to become an oncology nurse in the Brookings/Sioux Falls area. “I want to be a nurse that makes bad days brighter for patients and their families,” said Emily.

Emily’s son was born during finals week of her first semester. Her cancer diagnoses and treatment prevent her from having biological children, but she and her husband went through the process of adoption. The adoption was finalized this summer, and Emily has enjoyed taking her son to all of her healthcare appointments so he can meet the doctors and nurses that now feel like part of her family. “Thankfully he usually sleeps through the night and likes to “help” me study,” said Emily.

Emily’s advice to fellow students is to have positive self-talk. She said, “It is easy to become overwhelmed and fall victim to feeling like a failure when an exam doesn’t go as well as you hope. For non-traditional students like myself, it can be difficult to balance school, life and work, but staying organized and taking everything day by day helps me make it more manageable.”

#MeetSDStateNursing – Kathryn Beck

Kathryn Beck
Kathryn hikes in Oslo, Norway while participating in the nursing student exchange program at Jönköping University in Sweden last summer.

Meet Kathryn! Kathryn is a nursing student in Rapid City, which is also her hometown. She is in the fourth semester of the Standard Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. She is the Vice President of the Rapid City campus Student Nurses Association.

Kathryn sees the difference healthcare providers can make in people’s lives and that inspires her to be a nurse. “Even being present with a patient and holding their hand can mean so much” said Kathryn.
After she graduates, Kathryn plans to move to Trondheim, Norway and work as an RN. She would like to work in the maternal/child area of the hospital for a few years before continuing her education and becoming a midwife. Kathryn said, “I want to make a positive impact on my patients while helping them through the life changes that come with starting a family.”